▪ UNN Staff Awards is designed as a reward system to honour a select number of the staff who have distinguished themselves in different areas of life and for their outstanding accomplishments, character, integrity and the noble example they have set for their peers.
▪ The awards are also to be presented to global figures that have attained extraordinary achievements and/or are role models to today’s youth based on global ideals of creativity, entrepreneurship, and in arts, sciences, leadership, technology, and service to humanity.
▪ The University of Nigeria Staff Awards was conceived as one of the ways to encourage quest for knowledge.
▪ To address the lack of critical thinking and creativity that has become the bane of our society, by rewarding and celebrating excellence.
▪ To redefine leadership from a more holistic and humanistic perspective, as against the widely held political notion which equates leadership to ostentation, corruption, means of perpetuating dominance and inequity as is the case Nigeria and most developing countries of the world.
▪ To rekindle the spirit of education as service to humanity by emphasizing on achieving satisfaction from meeting needs and deemphasizing expectation and dependence on rewards.
▪ Inspire and reward Staff and individuals practicing good teaching and leadership in the institution
▪ Encourage staff to relate with the students within and outside the classroom
▪ Create a social avenue or platform where staff can socialize with the students at least once a year.